By Thornton W. Burgess
CyberCrayon cover for the classic story The Adventures Of Danny Meadow Mouse, by Thornton W. Burgess - Cover Illustration by Harrison Cady
In this cute animal adventure by Thornton W. Burgess, published in 1915, tiny, timid Danny Meadow Mouse experiences adventures and dodges dangers in the Green Meadows and its surroundings. With the advice of Old Mr. Toad, Danny learns to be content with his short tail. He outwits Reddy Fox, escapes the clutches of Hooty the Owl, runs away from Redtail the Hawk, and helps his friend Peter Rabbit out of a trap. What a busy life for this worried little mouse!

"The Adventures Of Danny Meadow Mouse" is divided into twenty-four chapters. Each chapter is displayed on its own web page for you to view, while the printable version (a PDF) of each web page is accessible by clicking on the "PRINTABLE" button below the text (near the bottom of the page). You may need the free Adobe Reader to view the printable documents.

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